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City of Manila

Manila is the capital and second largest city of the Philippines. It is one of the sixteen cities which, along with the municipality of Pateros, make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region, whose overall population is around 12 million. With a population of 1,652,171 according to the 2010 census and an area of only 3,855 hectares, Manila is the most densely populated city in the world.

Manila (and more broadly, Metro Manila) is the economic and political capital of the Philippines, home to extensive commerce and some of the most historically and culturally significant landmarks in the country, as well as the seat of the executive and judicial branches of the government.


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  • Family Clinic Hospital, Guen (guest) wrote 2 days ago:
    i was born here, and i wonder if Dr. Naomi Salang is still working here ☺️
  • Barangay 620, Zone 62, Bacood, Santa Mesa, Manila, mike (guest) wrote 3 days ago:
    Land area is estimated two (2) hectares / estimated two hundred(200) houses/ more or less 450 inhabitants, 200 families
  • Monument of Manuel L. Quezon, kid_Roy (guest) wrote 5 days ago:
    this location is the site of Magellan Monument destroyed during liberation of Manila in 1945
  • TVT Building, Jose R. Perdigon (guest) wrote 9 days ago:
    A building in Sta Cruz, Manila, that used to be the office of The Manila Times in the mid-1940s has been restored and is now being rented out as residential apartments. Not a lot is known about this Neo-Gothic building on Florentino Torres Street other than it was already around before the 1940s. The new owner, GSMS Property Holding, has kept some of the original architectural details — exterior lamps and carved gables above the entrances, the inner courtyard, original windows in some of the rooms — as well as the building's original name, TVT. TVT stands for the three main publications of Don Alejandro Roces — Tribune, La Vanguardia and Taliba. He was publishing these titles before acquiring The Manila Times, the nation's oldest existing English language daily, from its British owner before the war. After the war Don Alejandro’s son Joaquin "Chino" took over the company. Among the changes he instituted was to drop Tribune from the company’s portfolio in favor of The Manila Times. From TVT, the corporation was renamed The Manila Times Publishing Co. TVT's ground floor tenants are mostly electrical supplies shops. The upper three floors have been converted into 36 apartments or twelve units per floor. There are no modern amenities like a gym or a pool, and tenants have to sort out their own cable and WiFi connections but it does offer one thing that modern buildings can't: a slice of history. Before newspapers transferred their offices to the Port Area, they were either along Escolta, in Binondo or Sta Cruz. On Florentino Torres Street, where TVT is located, were International News Service and Associated Press, Daily Mirror and Bulletin, according to a member of the Facebook group Manila Nostalgia, who says he got the information from the novelist F. Sionil Jose and late statesman Blas Ople. The Evening Press was on CM Recto Street (then Azcarraga), Free Press was on Rizal Avenue, and the Roces magazine group (Liwayway, Bannawag, Bisaya) was on Soler Street.
  • TheBurgery Resto, theburgery (guest) wrote 12 days ago:
    open 6am to 9pm except thursdays, closed every tth
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